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This Street Photographers List Is Not About Who Was Or Is The “Best’ Street Photographer, But Rather , About Those That Have Influenced Street Photography Historically, Currently, Technically ,Artistically, Or Even Just By The Influence They Had On Other Photographers. This ‘ Influence’ Is About Those That Were Influenced Years Ago, But Also, Those Of The New Generation Of Street Photographers Being Influenced Today.

About the List
The goal of this list is to have the 52 most relevant Street Photographers or Artists that have influenced Street Photography, today and yesterday, broken into two sections; Most Influential Street Photographers, making up a total of 15 photographers that everyone should study; and 37 more influencers for a total of 52. Currently the list is at 48 total with 4 more photographers to be added. (Help us decide which 4 should me moved to this list from this list of Other Notable Street Photographers.
There is a third and fourth component to this list that will continue to expand as we add some great photographers that we keep finding. These are the Other Notable Street Photographers list and the Street Photographers To Watch List. They can both be found [here].
This Street Photographers list is not about who was or is the ‘best’ Street Photographer, but rather, about those that have influenced Street Photography historically, currently, technically, artistically, or even just by the influence they had on other photographers. This ‘influence’ is about those that were influenced years ago, but also, those of the new generation of Street Photographers being influenced today.
It would be very hard to argue that photographers like Zach Arias, Eric Kim, and Vivian Maier have had no influence on Street Photography. Today, thousands of photographers are turning to Street Photography because of these three individuals and others. Zach and Vivian are inspiring many because of their work and Eric because of his reach via marketing and helpful site. This we cannot dispute.
This list is created using hours of on-line research on the individual photographers and by gathering results from many ranking lists, surveys, and how the photographers are ranking in, and the subject of Google Searches. This list also has a North American/European slant as all research is done on English websites. We are currently researching the top Street Photographers in Africa, Asia, Russia, and the Middle-East. But, no matter how hard we work at making the list perfect, we cannot take into account how any particular photographer may or may not have influenced you personally or even if you like or hate their images. There will always be differences in opinion.
This list will be fluid and we will update it every year based on new emerging photographers, trends and other factors including feedback.

15 Most Influential Street Photographers Every Street Photographer Should Know

Based In

Henri Cartier-Bresson
1908 – 2004
Paris FRA

Robert Doisneau
1912 – 1994
Paris FRA

Elio (Elliott) Romano Erwitt
1928 – Current
Los Angeles CA USA

Walker Evans
1903 – 1975
New York NY USA

Lee Friedlander
1934 – NLA
New York NY USA

Bruce Gilden
1946 – Current
New York NY USA

William Klein
1928 – Current
NY USA & Paris FRA

Josef Koudelka
1938 – Current
FRA & Prague CZE

Saul Leiter
1923 – 2013
Pittsburg PA USA

Helen Levitt
1913 – 2009
New York NY USA

Vivian Maier
1926 – 2009
Chicago IL USA

Joel Meyerowitz
1938 – Current
New York NY USA

Martin Parr
1952 – Current
Bristol GBR

Alex Webb
1952 – Current
New York NY USA

Garry Winogrand
1928 – 1984
New York NY USA

37 More Influential Street Photographers

Based In

Diane Arbus
1923 – 1971
New York NY USA

Zack Arias
1972 – Current
Atlanta GA USA

Shinya Arimoto
1971 – Current
Tokyo JPN

Eugène Atget
1857 – 1927
Paris FRA

Bill Cunningham
1929 – 2016
New York NY USA

William Eggleston
1939 – Current
Memphis TN USA

Robert Frank
1924 – Current
New York NY USA

John Free
1942 – Current
Los Angeles USA

Jill Freedman
1939 – Current
New York NY USA

Nan Goldin
1953 – Current
New York, Berlin, Paris

Gyula (Brassaï) Halász
1899 – 1984
Paris FRA

Fred Herzog
1930 – Current
Vancouver CAN

Lewis Hine
1874 – 1940
New York NY USA

Lee Jeffries
1971 – Current
Manchester GBR

Andre Kertesz
1894 – 1985
New York NY USA

Eric Kim
1988 – Current
Berkeley CA USA

Thomas Leuthard
1971 – NLA

Paul Augustus Martin
1864 – 1944
London GBR

Charles (Bossu) Marville
1813 – 1879
Paris FRA

Vladimir (Boogie) Milivojevich
1969 – Current
New York NY USA

Lisette Model
1901 – 1983
New York NY USA

Daido Moriyama
1938 – Current

Trent Parke
1971 – Current
Adelaide AUS

Phil Penman
1977 – Current
New York NY USA

Sebastião Salgado
1944 – Current
Paris FRA

Stephen Shore
1947 – Current
New York NY USA

William Eugene Smith
1918 – 1978
New York NY USA

Edward Steichen
1879 – 1973
New York NY USA

Alfred Stieglitz
1864 – 1946
New York NY USA

Paul Strand
1890 – 1976
New York NY USA

Tatsuo Suzuki
1965 – Current
Tokyo JPN

Liu Tao
1985 – Current
Hefei CHN

Alexey Titarenko
1962 – Current
New York NY USA

Please Help
Help us decide which other 4 Street Photographers to move up to this list. Check them out [here] and let us know who you would move up?
We try our best to find relevant links but many of the past masters do not have dedicated pages. Perhaps it’s something the Street Photography community could work on. A good example of this is Paul Augustus Martin. Doing a Google search brings up very few results and no direct links to a page. If you know of better sites or links to pages that describe the lives of the photographers, please let us know.
If you have a favorite Street Photographer you would like to add to this list, or someone you think we may have missed, please let us know.

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